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Re: Pronunciation in emacs-w3m mode

Hello Lucas and list,

I've added the lines to my .emacs file, and checked that
/usr/share/unicode/UnicodeData.txt and descr-text.elc exist, but no
improvement in the reading of octal characters:  still lots of

Best regards,


Lukas Loehrer writes:
 > Hi Rob,
 > the variable describe-char-unicodedata-file is in the library
 > descr-text. Thus, You should have something like the following in your
 > .emacs file if you have the unicode-data package installed:
 > (require 'descr-text)
 > (setq describe-char-unicodedata-file "/usr/share/unicode/UnicodeData.txt")
 > Best regards, Lukas

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