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Re: Pronunciation in emacs-w3m mode

Hi Rob,

Rob Hill writes ("Re: Pronunciation in emacs-w3m mode"):
> I applied your patch, using the command:
> ...
> but this gave no improvement.  Patch gave no error messages.

What version of emacs are you using? Did you download the unicode data
file and set the variable describe-char-unicodedata-file correctly?

> Reverting to emacspeak-27.0 fixed the problem, and your test file
> reads perfectly with this version.

This is very unlikely without the patch because the file contains
characters like "square root" which are not supported by outloud. Do
you mean by "perfectly" simply that you do not get any question marks?

I looked at dtk-strip-octals. It is not prepared for character codes
beyond 255. I attached a quick fix, which should make it remove all
non-ascii chars. This will make the question marks go away when
tts-strip-octals is enabled. To hear the correct name for these
characters, you will still need the other patch.

Best regards, Lukas

Attachment: strip-octals-quick-fix.diff
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