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New Lisp book in electronic format

Hi All,

just in case anyone out there is interested in common lisp as a programming
language (note that it is not the same as emacs lisp, but they are both
'lisps'), there is a new book by Doug Hoyte which Doug is planning to make
available electronically. He has put together a text based version and
asked on the comp-lang-lisp group if any emacspeak users were interested in
trying it out. 

The URL is 


It looks like an interesting book for anyone interested in more advanced
common lisp features, paticularly strong on macros and domain specific
languages, closures etc. Its certainly not a beginners book, but if your an
intermediate lisp programmer and have read books like Paul Grahame's On
Lisp, you will probably finid it very interesting. 

I contacted Doug to ask if he was going to make the book available
electronically and when he found out I was an emacspeak user (he was aware
of emacspeak) he immediately made a text version that doesn't use
javascript like the other partially on-line version. 

As his response was so positive and supportive of programmers who rely on
assistive technology, I thought I'd let the list know and encourage anyone
with an interest along these lines to have a look at it and give him some



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