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Re: emacspeak speak out `ts0 after each character

I tried to do a fresh install of ubuntu 7.10 on a different harddrive and install emacspeak through apt-get.
Version 24 was then installed. I then installed voxin 0.14 as I did on ubuntu dapper (earlier version).
I ended up with the exact same problem, no sound in emacspeak, but I can etst outload by running it from the server directory.

I also tried the voxin 0.15 update from their website, but it didn't help.

To me it seems that voxin is nicely installed and that the speach server/synthesizer is working well. Since I can test it at the command line. So the problem must be when emacspeak should start and use the speechserver. I dont know emacspeak well  enough to understand how it uses speechservers.

As said in the first mail, version 17 works well with voxin but pronounces `ts0 after each character, which is the main problem.

Hope to get some help on this.

Best regards, Ørjan

2008/4/11 Lukas Loehrer <listaddr1@gmx.net>:
Ørjan Hoyd Vøllestad writes ("emacspeak speak out `ts0 after each character"):
> Emacspeak version: 17.0-1.2

Before doing anything else, you should update to the latest emacspeak
release. If the problem is still present after the update, report back

Best regards, Lukas


Ørjan Hoyd Vøllestad
tlf. +47 959 24 677
msn. orjanv@linfall.no

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