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Re: Sometimes bad responsiveness with outloud and alsa 1.0.16

Hi Tim,

thank you for this information, unfortunately, it did not fix my
problem. Could you please post your .asoundrc file somewhere, so that
I know I am trying the same options.

Best regards, Lukas

Tim Cross writes ("Re: Sometimes bad responsiveness with outloud and alsa 1.0.16"):
> Hi Lukas,
> I've been playing around with my .asoundrc file and while things are not
> perfect, I have been able to improve the situation. 
> As you said, its really hard to get a reproducible test case. However, I do
> think the changes I've made have improved the situation. 
> here is what I have done -
> 1. I've made a pcm alias called viavoice and changed the default device in
> the atcleci.cpp file to use 'viavoice' rather than default. I mainly did
> this because I found that when I have a good .asoundrc file for using
> viavoice, it tended to degrade sound quality for other sound
> apps. Therefore, I didn't want my definition to be the default. 
> 2. I added both a bindings and a slowptr TRUE argument to my .asoundrc
> setting. The slowptr argument really seems to have improved stability -
> outloud is not crashing anywhere near as often as it was and it also seems
> to be more responsive. 

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