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Re: ASUS EEEPC emacspeak is working

Gregg, this sounds good.

What did the box cost?

>>>>> "Greg" == Greg Priest-Dorman <priestdo@cs.vassar.edu> writes:
    Greg> Hi Folks, Yesterday I got my hands on a 4gig Asus
    Greg> eeepc.  I put eeexubuntu on it.  The install was done
    Greg> with a cd drive connected by usb.
    Greg> After I followed the instructions at
    Greg> http://wiki.eeeuser.com/ubuntu:eeexubuntu:customization
    Greg> wireless and hibernate work fine.  I still need to make
    Greg> is so I can close the lid and it will not shut off.
    Greg> Back to the install, I removed bunch of stuff I did not
    Greg> want, put in emacs22, and all the items needed to build
    Greg> linux-outloud and linux-espeak. I built emacspeak 27
    Greg> from source.  Espeak went in easy, outloud took its
    Greg> usual tweaking to get the various libraries seen.
    Greg> Basicly, it's the same as putting emacspeak it on any
    Greg> other ubuntu based box with the exception that sound
    Greg> does not come right up the first time.  The wiki
    Greg> instructions get you through that, but if your
    Greg> expecting to do an install using speech, that could be
    Greg> a major hassle.
    Greg> Anyway, it's been a long day and I need to crash, but I
    Greg> wanted to let the list know that it does work (so far).
    Greg> First thing in the morning I need to rebind the up
    Greg> arrow, it is next to the shift key and if I use the
    Greg> eeepc's keyboard I keep hitting up arrow and loosing my
    Greg> partialy typed command.
    Greg> I will be traveling with it over the next week.  I'll
    Greg> post a follow up next week about any problems with
    Greg> emacspeak on it then.
    Greg> -Greg
    Greg> --
    Greg>  Greg Priest-Dorman priestdo@cs.vassar.edu
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