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Re: error in google searching

"T. V. Raman" <raman@users.sf.net> writes:

> strange. try doing a make clean and a make, none of that code has
> changed recently.

I got a personal mail from Tim Cross and he seems to be having the same
problem.  It appears to be a problem in emacs itself.  Here is what he

>>> Begin From Tim
The error you are getting was introduced in recent changes to CVS
emacs. I noticed it on Monday 14th - it was worse then. I upgraded
yesterday and thought it was fixed, but have run into similar errors
when using completions. I notice from the files being updated that
this area is currently being worked on in CVS emacs.
>>> End From Tim

For the record, I _always_ make clean.  Cleanliness is, after all, next
to godliness.

Robert D. Crawford                                      rdc1x@comcast.net

You must dine in our cafeteria.  You can eat dirt cheap there!!!!

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