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Re: partial-completion-mode problem

create a file emacspeak-pcomplete.el -- put the code you write in
it, maintain it for a few weeks, and then send it along for
possible inclusion. That's the only way I know to both write
clean code that gets cleaner, and to ensure that work does not
get lost.

>>>>> "Michal" == Michal  <rabbit50@tenbit.pl> writes:
    Michal> "T. V. Raman" <raman@users.sf.net> writes:
    >> that mode is not speech-enabled because i dont use
    >> it. Feel free to advice it appropriately
    Michal> I played a while with it. The following thing did the
    Michal> job with minibuffer partial completion.
    Michal> ;; minibuffer partial completion advising. It is
    Michal> based on ;; `minibuffer-complete-word' and
    Michal> `minibuffer-complete', which are ;; advised in
    Michal> emacspeak-advice.el. The only thing I did is: ;; <
    Michal> '(minibuffer-complete-word minibuffer-complete) ;; >
    Michal> '(PC-complete-word PC-complete)
    Michal> (loop for f in '(PC-complete-word PC-complete) do
    Michal> (eval `(defadvice ,f (around emacspeak pre act) "Say
    Michal> what you completed."  (cond ((interactive-p) (let
    Michal> ((prior (point )) (emacspeak-speak-messages nil))
    Michal> (emacspeak-kill-buffer-carefully "*Completions*")
    Michal> ad-do-it (if (> (point) prior) (tts-with-punctuations
    Michal> 'all (dtk-speak (buffer-substring (point) prior)))
    Michal> (emacspeak-speak-completions-if-available)))) (t
    Michal> ad-do-it)) ad-return-value)))
    Michal> best regards, Michal
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Best Regards,

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