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HTTPSpeaker.py test

First make sure that the tcl outloud server runs; no point in
testing the python server without knowing for sure if the tcl
server works, since the python server is just a wrapper 

>>>>> "Christopher" == Christopher Moore <christopher.h.moore@verizon.net> writes:
    Christopher> Hello, I'm looking at Raman's blog post about
    Christopher> integrating firevox into emacspeak.  I tried
    Christopher> running the suggested test with HTTPSpeaker.py
    Christopher> and wget.  The python process started, but the
    Christopher> wget gave an error with a traceback.  At the
    Christopher> bottom it said: ioerror broken pipe.  It stopped
    Christopher> on a line which looked like it was queueing the
    Christopher> text to be spoken.
    Christopher> Perhaps my outloud server isn't running.  I'm
    Christopher> running tcl8.3.  Should I be using tcl8.4?
    Christopher> I had the same error with emacspeak27 and with
    Christopher> the svn code.  I also encountered an error in
    Christopher> the speaker.py module from svn.  The error is in
    Christopher> the _test function and involves invalid ascii
    Christopher> characters <a0><bb>.  i'm also running python2.5
    Christopher> which may make a difference.
    Christopher> tia Chris
    Christopher> -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
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To unsubscribe from the emacspeak list or change your address on the
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