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[Robert D. Crawford] Re: start emacspeak silently

Sorry, I responded instead of following-up.

Pawel K <pawlaczus@yahoo.com> writes:

> Great thanks to all of You for Your patience and help.
> Sorry if my previous e-mail seemed to be unpolite - I
> didn't mean this.

My apologies for not being able to respond any faster.

> I'm using:
> emacs-22.1.1
> emacspeak-24

This version is rather old.  Have you considered upgrading?  The version
in debian sid is 26.0-3 and the current svn version is 27.

> eflite 0.3.8 (DTK_PROGRAM=/usr/bin/eflite)
>> What you want is to _not_ have emacspeak running
>> unless you invoke it in
>> a buffer.  Is this correct?
> right
>> C-u M-x dtk-toggle-quiet
> It almost works but unfortunately I still can hear:
> indent <column number>

Not sure what to do to solve this.  After upgrading to the latest
version let us know if it fixes the problem.  

> I would like emacspeak to be quiet right from the
> beginning without need to invoke:
> C-u M-x dtk-toggle-quiet

One way to accomplish this would be turning it on from your .emacs file.
You might have to try doing it from the top as well as from the bottom
of the file.  Don't forget the prefix argument.

> Thanks again for Your help and patience.

You are welcome,
Robert D. Crawford                                      rdc1x@comcast.net

Humorists always sit at the children's table.
		-- Woody Allen

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