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Re: start emacspeak silently

> Sorry, but once that that is what dtk-toggle-quiet
> does.

Thank You for an answer.
It is even worse.
Invoking dtk-toggle-quiet explicitly does not make
emacspeak to be silent.
It speaks "indent <cursor position>".
I think it is because my configuration:
(global-set-key "\C-m" 'newline-and-indent)
It looks like a kind of bug.

The same is with another settings in my ~/.emacs file
(setq emacspeak-line-echo nil)
(setq emacspeak-word-echo nil)

They cover only the first buffer after emacs starts.

I think when user specifies this in his configuration
file he does not expect it to work for the first
buffer only after launching emacs but permanently for
all buffers. It is until he turns it on with explicit

>From my point of view none of those settings described
in this thread work correctly.

PS: sorry for beeing so grumpy.
I like emacs a lot and hope will like emacspeak as
well. It seems to be a bit too talkative to me that's
why I want to customize it.

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