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Blind Software SRE = Screen Reader Environment for Puppy Linux.

Announcement:  SRE - Screen Reader Environment for Puppy Linux.

PLEASE PASS THE WORD so that this may be of use or improved for everyone's use.

Puppy Linux has low computer requirements and is FAST.
Yasr, speech-dispatcher and espeak in on package.

William McEwan has made up a .pet for the screen reader environment.

It's 4mb and should be a simple install on any version of Puppy
according to William.

This contains all his separate programs into one file.


Please let others in your group know so they can try it out and
comment on it good or bad.

This PET requires a Puppy Distro available at http://www.puppylinux.ca/

it might also be able to be installed on other distros by renaming the
file extension to tar.gz.  Puppy 3.01 is now based on Slackware.

The readme file says that dependencies are found, but they are really
not needed - at least in Puppy Linux.

David Ring

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