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outloud with ubuntu hardy


Is anyone using emacspeak with the outloud speech server and hardy ubuntu?

I've upgraded a machine to have a play and am finding that the responsiveness of the outloud server has become much worse.

Speech doesn't seem to interup correctly on long lines and sometimes when switching buffers i still hear queued speech from the previous buffer being spoken.

I'm using a soundblaster live.  I am also using the asoundrc shipped with emacspeak.  I know that theoretically I don't need one but I find that if I remove it speech becomes almost unrecognisable.  It stutters and slows right down, hard to describe.  I must add that it also does this with gutsy.

Is anyone using outloud successfully without a asoundrc on a soundblaster live?

There is a new version of alsa in hardy, this may have something to do with the speech problems but haven't tracked anything specific down yet.



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