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Re: Emacspeak still fails after unicode merge

Something else I forgot to mention. 

I have had problems over the last week which I sorted out yesterday. The
problems were from VM, both the 8.0 and 8.1 dev branches. It turned out to
be something wrong with VM's implementation of customisable variables. Once
I removed any reference to vm in my .emacs custom variables section and put
them as 'seq's in my .vm file, the problem whent away. The problem occured
with two different versions of emacs CVS, one from about 3 weeks ago and
one from Thursday's CVS. The problem did not happen with Debian's official
emacs22 version.

Symptoms were mainly very very odd error messages about undefined functions
where the functions were often obvious variables or quoted strings, error
about unrecognised data types (with a request to log a bug report) or
signal 11 segmentation faults that caused emacs to crash and that same
error you have seen.  You cold read mail, but as soon as you tried to
compose a message, you would get the error or emacs would crash. If emacs
didn't crash, I wold then get the same error you are getting when I tried
to move the cursor up/down.

I've already spoken to the developer regarding VM's use of customize. There
are a number of errors in VM's use of custom and I'm hoping to find time to
clean it up and submit as a update. The weird thing was that I only had
this problem on my work machine and not on my home machine, but the VM
configs are slightly different on the two machines. As I said, removing
references to VM from my .emacs custom variables section fixed the problem.

I will compare the .emacs from the two different systems and do some
experimenting to identify the exact custom setting, but wanted to mention
it just in case it has some relevance. I couldn't see any VM header in your
message, so I don't expect your using VM. Still, more info is usually
better than less in these situations.


Tim Cross

There are two types of people in IT - those who do not manage what they 
understand and those who do not understand what they manage.

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