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Re: pulseaudio

C.M. Brannon wrote:
> Has anyone thought about building a bridge between Emacspeak
> and Speech Dispatcher?  I.E., a program that reads the Emacspeak
> speech server commands from stdin and translates them into SSIP
> messages for Speech Dispatcher?

Yes, in fact Milan Zamazal initially intended to build Speech Dispatcher
support into Emacspeak, but due to the significant differences between
the approach of Emacspeak and the architecture of Speech Dispatcher, he
ended up writing Speechd-el as an alternative Emacs speech interface.

In practice, I can still imagine using Speech Dispatcher as a "dumb"
backend for Emacspeak, ignoring completely its high level interface and
using it simply as another low level speech output engine.  This would
at least improve integration of Emacspeak with other assistive
technologies which are using Speech Dispatcher (such as Orca, speakup or
Yasr).  I don't know, however, if anyone tried that.

Best regards, Tomas

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