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Re: pulseaudio

But again, there isn't some giant coordination effort needed,
alsa does this at the lowest levels correclty.

>>>>> "Janina" == Janina Sajka <janina@rednote.net> writes:
    Janina> My opinion, in a word, absolutely. We've had
    Janina> conversations about this from time to time in the
    Janina> Open A11y standardization group, but it has never
    Janina> gotten off the ground for lack of people to follow
    Janina> through. We do have the ability to pursue this
    Janina> effectively, I think.
    Janina> Janina
    Janina> John Sturdy writes:
    >> In the longer term, might it be worth looking at
    >> co-ordination of audio I/O (locking/requesting protocol?
    >> or even something that does for ALSA what window managers
    >> do for X?)?  I mention this because one of my possible
    >> future projects is combining speech input and output in
    >> Emacs, i.e. pure audio Emacs that you could use through a
    >> telephone-like interface or "conversationally".
    >> __John
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