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Re: Readable LaTeX Package Documentation?

Install the appropriate src  packages for tetex and you'll find
the sources for various packages in *.dtx files 

>>>>> "Kalyan" == Kalyan Mukherjea <kalyan.infinity@gmail.com> writes:
    Kalyan> David Picón Álvarez writes:
    >> Personally I learn from the documentation source, which is
    >> always written itself in LaTeX.
    Kalyan> How do you get hold of the source files?  It is
    Kalyan> perhaps not optimum, but it works. In principle it
    >> should be possible to extract the text from PDF, but this
    >> doesn't always work flawlessly.
    Kalyan> To say the very least! Since most of the LaTeX work I
    Kalyan> do involves math the difficulties are even greater
    Kalyan> Something like 3 squared +4 squared = 5 squared
    Kalyan> rendered in LaTeX math mode, converted to pdf then
    Kalyan> via pdftotxt to text comes out reading: 32+42=52!
    Kalyan> In fact, I cannot see how a blind user can learn
    Kalyan> LaTeX including all its packages. "The Joy of TeX" is
    Kalyan> an intro to AMSTeX --- which is quite different from
    Kalyan> LaTeX.
    Kalyan> Raman learnt TeX by listening to Knuth's `TeXbook':
    Kalyan> this does not mean that this is a recipe. It is more
    Kalyan> like a news item that somebody ran 42 Kilometres in 2
    Kalyan> hours and 4 minutes or that the world speed-reading
    Kalyan> champion read the last Harry Potter book in 47
    Kalyan> minutes and 1 second!
    Kalyan> So David, if you know of a resource where one can
    Kalyan> find the LaTeX source of LaTeX package documentation
    Kalyan> please let the list know.  Thanks.  Kalyan
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