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Loving Emacspeak thus far

Hi all,
I just felt I aught to post this and say how much I've been enjoying using Emacspeak thus far. I've had an interest in it off and on for the past year or so. Now that I have a synthesizer I can actually stand for long periods of time, I've begun gradually using it more often. I can say that it's not quite like anything I've done before. I've been a Windows user for longer than I've been a Linux enthusiast, so Emacs in general is rather new for me. I'm slow, probably clumsy and inefficient, and don't have much 'real' work to use it for. I don't program right now or anything. Nevertheless I enjoy it more each time I start it up. Just felt I aught to share this. I hope there will continue to be Emacspeak users and devotees for a long time yet.
All the best,

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