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Re: newe to emacs

Kalyan Mukherjea writes:

Hello Kalyan and list,

eflite uses flite (=festival lite) rather than festival, which works
OK with emacspeak and eflite.  I believe apt-get install eflite takes
care of the dependencies of eflite, and so would install flite.

Best regards,


Kalyan writes:

       > Hi Rob,
 > I think there are outstanding issues about using festival with
 > Emacspeak. Indeed, I seem to recall Tim Cross writing and saying that
 > it is _not_ a good idea to use festival as the engine to drive
 > Emacspeak.
 > Also, aptget eflite will only install eflite, don't you also have to
 > install flite?
 > I do not use ubuntu but  use Fedora instead. So I don't know how
 > aptget behaves when installing a tiny package like eflite which
 > depends on a huge package like flite.
 > Cheers.
 > Kalyan

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