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Re: newe to emacs

Yes. But you should probably download and install it instead of using the package.
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That's good news anyway. 
Depends what language you need it for. In English you could use festival, flite, or ESpeak. The 3 of them are free. 
Wich one of those is the best? I mean
 stable and well sounding. If it supports multiple languages would be even better. 
 In Russian I don't know if Festival works, I think ESpeak does. 

I'm interested more in english and russian because is closest to my language. So if anybody knows about russian, I'd apreciate your appinian. 

Unfortunately the IBM synth as it exists today is proprietary software, with per-copy pricing. You can buy a copy quite inexpensively on the net, search
for TTSynth (iirc). I don't have the URL at hand, sorry. 
Thanks for this information. It is a good beginning for me.
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