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newe to emacs

Hello Negoslav,

Yes, emacspeak works with Ubuntu.  If you go to:


this will tell you how to install emacspeak with espeak support,  and
you could progress from there.  

I found the easiest way to learn emacs and emacspeak was via the emacs
tutorial at:


in conjunction with the emacspeak documentation:

control-e h 

gives a list of commands

control-h i

brings up the emacs info pages, and you can search for emacspeak
within them.

control-e T

brings up emacspeak tips and tricks.

There is much more help available, but this should get you started.

Via voice outloud is, I think everyone would agree, the best speech
engine, but it is not free.  You can get it from 


for about $5 U.S.

I don't know about support for languages other than English, though.


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