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Re: newe to emacs

1. Is it possible to use it with ubuntu?
Yes. But you should probably download and install it instead of using the package.
2. What synthesizer should I use to try emacspeak? I've red about the IBM's one, but I can't find it anywhere.
Depends what language you need it for. In English you could use festival, flite, or ESpeak. The 3 of them are free. In Russian I don't know if Festival works, I think ESpeak does.
I'm not sure the IBM synth works in Russian, I rather suspect not.
3. Would it be possible to send me a copy? I don't have hardware synth.
Unfortunately the IBM synth as it exists today is proprietary software, with per-copy pricing. You can buy a copy quite inexpensively on the net, search for TTSynth (iirc). I don't have the URL at hand, sorry.
--David, another emacspeak noob.

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