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Various TTS problems

Hello list,

I have espeak, eflite, and outloud (from Voxin) all running on Ubuntu
7.10, but none of them satisfactorily, each one having its own
problems.  I've researched the list archive, and tried all suggested
solutions to no avail.  Presence or absence of a .asoundrc file seems
to have no effect.  

I'd like to focus on eflite, since it worked perfectly before I
upgraded from emacs21 and emacspeak 26 to emacs22 and emacspeak 27.
The problem is this:  when scanning through a file using the up and
down arrows, on hitting the arrow key, speech from the previous line
is not cut off, but continues, at a more rapid rate.  This makes
scanning through a file very slow, as opposed to the expected
behaviour, where    speech from the previous line is cut off as soon
as the down arrow is hit.  

Any help would be appreciated.  My sound card is an inboard one,the
motherboard being ASUS m2n -mx.  Eflite is the Ubuntu package.  If it
is of help in diagnosis, outloud suffers from the stutter/echo
mentioned regularly on the list.


rob Hill

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