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Issues installing and running emacspeak.


OK, I am keeping a little file with notes on issues that come up for the new emacspeak user. I'm having a few now.

Distribution: ubuntu 7.10

Installed emacspeak. Run the emacspeakconfig script. ESpeak is installed, yet I don't get the chance to select it as my synth. Also I got a TTSynth voice that I installed (maybe not successfully?) yet when I choose outloud I get no sound.

My suspicion is the emacspeak package in ubuntu is outdated. Perhaps emacs is too? So, downloaded emacspeak 27 from sourceforge. I notice that on the servers directory there is linux-espeak and linux-outloud, so I'm hoping it will work with ESpeak and TTSynth. Issue: it doesn't establish a minimum emacs version to run, so I don't know if it will run with my currently installed version. It appears that both the user guide and install guide are a bit outdated, would benefit from some new info, I'll get onto that if I get this all working.

So: do I need to install a new emacs? Do I need to do anything special to get TTSynth working? Maybe the problem with TTSynth is not emacspeak's as such, but rather TTSynth is not correctly installed, not sure.


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