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Potential conflict between emacspeak with hardware synth and Orca

1) Are you running Emacspeak at the console or under X?
If doing the latter, things are well-night impossible because
orca does not fall silent when emacs has focus.

The simplest thing to do is to run emacspeak on a virtual
console, and run ORCA under X --- switch to the virtual console
running Emacs when you want to use emacspeak. Things work in this
configuration which is how I use it.

>>>>> "David" == David E Price <deprice@cs.utah.edu> writes:
    David> Hi, I'm running Ubuntu Gutsy and trying to run both
    David> emacspeak and Orca. I want to use my DECTalk Express
    David> with emacspeak and a software synth with
    David> Orca. However, if I have both Orca and emacspeak
    David> running and try to switch between emacs and another
    David> application, everything freezes. I either have to use
    David> a remote machine to kill emacspeak or Orca, or I have
    David> to restart the X server. This problem also occurs if I
    David> am using the emacspeak speech server inside Orca--in
    David> effect, both programs are using the DECTalk Express.
    David> Is anyone successfully using emacspeak with a hardware
    David> synthesizer and Orca?  If so, any suggestions for
    David> working around my problem?
    David> Thanks,
    David> dave

Best Regards,

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