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Re: Emacspeak-27.0 software dectalk will not compile

Hi Zachary,

Well, there may be a more elegant way to change what make install
does, but this method will work.  Before you type "make install",
remove the lines in the install section of the Makefile that do the
part of the install you want to avoid.

first copy the Makefile to makefile.modified

      cp Makefile  makefile.modified

Now edit makefile.modified (leave the original Makefile alone you may
need it later). Find the line that begins "install:" ( a regex search
on ^install: should do it.   I found it as line 259 )

now move down in the file and remove the lines that refer to the
servers that are giving you install problems, remove those lines and
save the file.

Instead of typing "make install" you will now type "make -f
makefile.modified install" This tells make to use your modified
makefile in stead of the default one.

I have not done this with outloud, but have done this with the espeak
server when compiling on boxes without it.

In all liklyhood there is a better way for us to be doing this and
perhaps someone on the list may tell us, but in the meantime, this
will get the job done. 

Let me know how it goes,


 Greg Priest-Dorman

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