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Emacspeak-27.0 software dectalk will not compile


Thanks for the lead.

emacspeak-27 is working now on my xubuntu feisty rig with emacs 22.1.1
and fonix dectalk software speech (as well as outloud and espeak).

Trying different compile options did not help so I messed with

I thought I would see if I could clean up the offending code.  First
step was to try a build with the problem line commented out just to
see what would happen.  Well, it in fact compiled without error and is
working fine so far.  So, if it will help others, here is what I did.
I strongly urge you to leave a solid trail for yourself so if in the
future you need to undo this modification you can.

Doing the following change eliminated the error when compiling the
software dectalk server, I went to the line the compile complained
about, which in my case was line #197, which read:

 typedef void	       VOID;

and commented it out, so it now reads 

 /* typedef void	          VOID;  commented out 2007-11-25 GEP-D */

I returned to the software-dtk directory and the make worked.  I ran
emacspeak and now the dtk-soft voice works.

Just to see, I then tried a make in the software-dtk directory in
emacspeak 26 and it worked there as well.

I am sure this change will eventually come back to bite me so I am
putting a copy of this letter in /usr/local/include/dtk to remind me
of what I did and why.  But for now, I'm good.

I am having some problems with emacspeak-27 on an ubuntu dapper box
with emacs 21.4.1 but I will mess with that a bit more before posting
to see if I can figure it out.




 Greg Priest-Dorman

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