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Emacspeak on BSD

For setting make type gmake MAKE=gmake

the espeak server uses the shared library.

>>>>> "Zachary" == Zachary Kline <klinez@onid.orst.edu> writes:
    Zachary> Hi, This is an initial progress report on my efforts
    Zachary> to get Emacspeak to work under BSD operating
    Zachary> systems.  I've so far encountered a few problems,
    Zachary> but the good news is that overall things seem as if
    Zachary> they should be manageable..  The problems stem from
    Zachary> the fact that BSD includes different versions of
    Zachary> some tools, noteably BSD Make in place of GNU Make.
    Zachary> They include Gnu Make as a program named gmake,
    Zachary> which I have to use instead.  In fact, the makefiles
    Zachary> call make, which in turn calls BSD Make, which
    Zachary> doesn't know how to do things the same way.  I am
    Zachary> pretty sure that some aliasing or symlinking on my
    Zachary> part could fix this.  Also, as of now, I haven't
    Zachary> modified the Espeak speech server.  BSD built espeak
    Zachary> as 'speak', which is statically linked apparently.
    Zachary> I'm not sure about this.  Anyway...Which files would
    Zachary> I need to modify?  tclespeak.cpp?  Or does the
    Zachary> Emacspeak TCL server actually not call the binary,
    Zachary> but instead uses a shared library from
    Zachary> tclespeak.cpp?  Thanks much for any help, and I'll
    Zachary> keep you guys posted.  Yours, Zack.
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