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Emacspeak on BSD

This is an initial progress report on my efforts to get Emacspeak to work under BSD operating systems. I've so far encountered a few problems, but the good news is that overall things seem as if they should be manageable.. The problems stem from the fact that BSD includes different versions of some tools, noteably BSD Make in place of GNU Make. They include Gnu Make as a program named gmake, which I have to use instead. In fact, the makefiles call make, which in turn calls BSD Make, which doesn't know how to do things the same way. I am pretty sure that some aliasing or symlinking on my part could fix this. Also, as of now, I haven't modified the Espeak speech server. BSD built espeak as 'speak', which is statically linked apparently. I'm not sure about this. Anyway...Which files would I need to modify? tclespeak.cpp? Or does the Emacspeak TCL server actually not call the binary, but instead uses a shared library from tclespeak.cpp?
Thanks much for any help, and I'll keep you guys posted.

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