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Greetings and questions

My name is Zachary Kline, and I'm currently a computer science major at Oregon State University. I used to be subscribed to the Emacspeak list some months ago, but have since lost touch with it somewhat. I figured I should perhaps check back into it now, especially since I'm in a field which will require me to do some work with programming and Linux, for which Emacspeak seems quite suited. I do have a couple questions. One which is of some immediate concernto me is about math, or specifically the rendering of such in Emacspeak. A problem for me this term, though admittedly not an unconquerable one, has been getting math to professors in a format they can understand and I can make use of as well. I can use Latex for such work, and do like doing so, however I've also heard of ASSTR, which Mr. Raman developed for his PHD. Is this integrated into Emacspeak at all? Or is support for MathML or other such formats possible, if not already done?
Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated.
All the best, and good to be back,

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