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bluetooth headset with emacspeak

I'm surprized to hear this -- since the bandwidth needed by TTS
is definitely less than that needed by mp3.

You might need to mess with your alsa settings etc --

>>>>> "Greg" == Greg Priest-Dorman <priestdo@cs.vassar.edu> writes:
    Greg> Hi Folks, I am wondering if anyone else has had a
    Greg> similar experiance to what I am hearing.
    Greg> I am not asking this list to help me debug the non
    Greg> emacspeak problems. I am just tring to find out if my
    Greg> experiance with a bluetooth headset and emacspeak is
    Greg> normative or unusual and if anyone has actually had
    Greg> this work well.
    Greg> I have tried a nice jabra bluetooth telephony headset
    Greg> (sco not a2dp) with emacspeak.  After messing with it
    Greg> for longer than I expected it to take, I got the
    Greg> headset working.  I have now tried it with both
    Greg> software dectalk and ttsynth (outloud).  In both cases
    Greg> there are delays in speech production that I do not
    Greg> experance when wired, and a big drop in quality of
    Greg> speech produced.  I am assuming this is because of the
    Greg> restricted bandwith of the protocal, but not entirely
    Greg> counting out the posibility that there may be
    Greg> configuration options or tweeks that could make it
    Greg> better.
    Greg> If anyone has tried bluetooth telephony headsets with
    Greg> emacspeak, please let me know if your results where the
    Greg> same or differnt than mine so I know if I should keep
    Greg> messing with this or return the headset and try again
    Greg> when I can get one that does the higher bandwith A2DP
    Greg> standard.
    Greg> Thanks,
    Greg> -Greg
    Greg> --
    Greg>  Greg Priest-Dorman priestdo@cs.vassar.edu
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Best Regards,

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