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bluetooth headset with emacspeak

Hi Folks,

I am wondering if anyone else has had a similar experiance to what I
am hearing.

I am not asking this list to help me debug the non emacspeak
problems. I am just tring to find out if my experiance with a
bluetooth headset and emacspeak is normative or unusual and if anyone
has actually had this work well.

I have tried a nice jabra bluetooth telephony headset (sco not a2dp)
with emacspeak.  After messing with it for longer than I expected it
to take, I got the headset working.  I have now tried it with both
software dectalk and ttsynth (outloud).  In both cases there are
delays in speech production that I do not experance when wired, and a
big drop in quality of speech produced.  I am assuming this is because
of the restricted bandwith of the protocal, but not entirely counting
out the posibility that there may be configuration options or tweeks
that could make it better.

If anyone has tried bluetooth telephony headsets with emacspeak,
please let me know if your results where the same or differnt than
mine so I know if I should keep messing with this or return the
headset and try again when I can get one that does the higher bandwith
A2DP standard.




 Greg Priest-Dorman

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