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Re: emacspeak on cygwin?

On Wed, Oct 17, 2007 at 07:54:23AM -0400, Morgan, J. MR  CLCRS/DFL wrote:
> John Wise recently asked about compiling emacspeak on cygwin.  I'm
> curious to know how you get emacspeak working under cygwin.  I have a
> machine at home running xp and jaws .  I've installed cygwin and I use
> it to do tasks that are apparently impossible under windows.  
> Last night I downloaded and installed emacs-22.1. I checked out
> emacspeak from svn.  I got through the make config and make steps with
> no errors.
> What steps do you take from here?
> What speech server do you use under cygwin?
> Assuming you get everything installed, then what?  Do you turn off your
> screen reader and run "emacspeak -e" from a commandline?
> Regards,
> John
> John J Morgan
> Center For Languages, Cultures, and Regional studies
> 745 Brewerton Road
> West Point, New York, 10996
> Phone: 845-938-5329
> Email: john.morgan@usma.edu
> Cell: 914-382-6925
> Fax: 845-938-3585

I use festival lite. Others on the list may be able to recommends something
better but this has worked for me.

Go to 
and download 

you won't need the exe but just follow the instructions in README under

you can then move the flite-1.3-release directory to /usr/src or note where
it is.

eflite from 
and follow the instructions in the INSTALL. Be sure to path to your flite in
the configure, for me

./configure flite_dir=/usr/src/flite-1.3-release

I could not get emacspeak to finish its make install, but I did get it to run
using a shell script described in section 5.1 of the INSTALL for eflite


export DTK_PROGRAM=/usr/local/bin/eflite
emacs -q -l /usr/share/emacs/site-lisp/emacspeak/lisp/emacspeak-setup.el
# You may want to add "-l $HOME/.emacs" to the previous line

Hope I haven't been too pedantic, but hope that helps.

As a disclaimer, I am sighted, but I have glaucoma and an interest in
accessible technologies. I'm also having problems gettting eflite to compile
on a second machine, so someone on the list may want to recommend something

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