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Re: Preliminary Unicode support patch, please test

Here is an updated version of the unicode patch I posted last week:


What is new:

* Replaced text inherits voice personality from original character

* There are now two ways to customize the character replacement. This
  only applies to chunks of text, i.e. text spoken via the function
  dtk-speak. Speaking single characters is not affected by these
  customization options:

1. The variable dtk-unicode-character-replacement-alist maps character
codes to strings. This alist is checked first. If there is a match
here, no furthur processing is done.

2. The variable dtk-unicode-name-transformation-ruels-alist kicks in
after the lookup is done in the unicode data file. This alist maps
regexps to functions. Basically, if the name of the character matches
one of the regexps, it is passed to the corresponding function which
is expected to return a somehow transformed version of the character
name. For example, this transformation step is currently used to map
things like "greek small letter lambda" to "lambda". If there is no
match, the name is left unchanged.

Please comment on the usefulness of these customization options.

Best regards, Lukas

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