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Re: Cannot compile emacspeak

Alastair -

If you have been using emacspeak version 25 or earlier, and you just
want to run emacspeak 26, you can try the Debian binary package.  To
diagnose your problem compiling the sources, you could download the
Debian source package and see if it builds on your system.  (Use
"apt-get build-dep emacspeak" to install the build dependencies.)

If you have been running earlier versions of emacspeak 26, I suppose
it would be easier to start with that working code and look for changes.

            - Jim Van Zandt

   From: "Alastair Irving" <alastairirving19@hotmail.com>
   Date: Mon, 10 Sep 2007 15:20:56 +0100


   I've just tried compiling emacspeak 26 both from the release on the
   website and from svn on ubuntu 7.04 with emacs 21.4.  I've done this
   before several times without problems.  However, today I got a compile
   error in emacspeak-url-template.el
   Cannot open load file product

   Can anyone suggest what might be wrong?  I've looked in the file, but
   can't find any reference to this product load file which it says it
   can't load.

   Many thanks

   Alastair Irving

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