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Re: Preliminary Unicode support patch, please test

Hi Tim,

Tim Cross writes ("Re: Preliminary Unicode support patch, please test"):
> One thing I was considering was if it would be useful to have all the
> replacement text configurable by the user. Some of the english names for
> some of the unicode characters are a bit long,

Thank you for testing. Things in the spirit of what you are suggesting
are on my todo list, though I cannot say at the moment when I will be
able to implement them. The variable
dtk-unicode-simple-replacement-alist already provides a simple
facility for providing custom replacements for characters in text
chunks. For example, it is used to replace the em dash character with 
two hyphens.

A problem with the patch I posted is also that it does not handle
voice locking well. This will be fixed soon.

Best regards, Lukas

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