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Preliminary Unicode support patch, please test

Ok, in the spirit of release very early, release often: Here is the
mentioned Unicode patch for emacspeak. The ultimate purpose of this
patch is to allow emacspeak to speak as many non-ascii characters as
possible in a sensible way. Also, the idea is not to depend on special
abilities of the TTs system for this. Currently the following should
be noted:

* Most likely only  works properly with outloud . This
  can  be fixed with moderate effort.

  * Only works completely for English. I do not see an easy way to fix this.

* Only works in multibyte buffers. To get something out of this patch,
  you should probably do:

(setq default-enable-multibyte-characters t)

* Requires emacs 22

* You must download the unicode data file from the Unicode consortium:


See the documentation of the variable describe-char-unicodedata-file.

You will then have to put something like the following into your
.emacs file:
(let ((x "~/emacs/UnicodeData.txt"))
  (when (file-exists-p x)
    (setq describe-char-unicodedata-file x)))

The patch against todays emacspeak svn is at:


For testing here is a   text file that contains some interesting non-ascii


If you can read the square root symbol on line 3, things are working.

Best regards, Lukas

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