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emacspeak-26.0 on ubuntu

Whatever else may be wrong, you should *never* run emacs as root
-- that is just a really bad idea.

>>>>> "Morgan," == Morgan, J MR CLCRS/DFL <John.Morgan@usma.edu> writes:
    Morgan,> Hello, I'm having trouble getting emacspeak to talk
    Morgan,> on ubuntu 7.04.  Using the orca interface, and after
    Morgan,> installing a couple of extra packages, I've been
    Morgan,> able to run through the sequence of make config,
    Morgan,> make emacspeak, and make install without errors.  I
    Morgan,> logon through orca, change to another console with
    Morgan,> control alt f-2 and logon to what I assume is a text
    Morgan,> based console.  I invoke emacspeak with: Sudo
    Morgan,> emacspeak -e I provide my password.  I get a beep at
    Morgan,> this point, but ce c-s s speaks to me saying espeak.
    Morgan,> I have very little of the wonderful functionality I
    Morgan,> was used to in previous emacspeaks.  C-e c-l will
    Morgan,> read the current line, but in dired when I move up
    Morgan,> and down with "n" and "p", I don't get any speech.
    Morgan,> Is this an espeak problem?  Does this have something
    Morgan,> to do with the fact that ubuntu's run levels are all
    Morgan,> gui enabled?  I'm working from a recent svn check
    Morgan,> out of emacspeak-26.  I'm apparently using version
    Morgan,> 21.4 of emacs.  Thanks for any help.  John
    Morgan,> John J Morgan Center For Languages, Cultures, and
    Morgan,> Regional studies 745 Brewerton Road West Point, New
    Morgan,> York, 10996 Phone: 845-938-5329 Email:
    Morgan,> john.morgan@usma.edu Cell: 914-382-6925 Fax:
    Morgan,> 845-938-3585
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To unsubscribe from the emacspeak list or change your address on the
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