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Emacspeak key bindings question

I got the keys I use most often working, that isn't to say that
every key that org uses works outside the console.

Figure it out as you go along and post anything you add here for
others to share.

>>>>> "bart" == bart  <bart@bunting.net.au> writes:
    bart> Hi, I've recently started working with org mode and I
    bart> love it.
    bart> I'm trying to figure out how to get the keybindings
    bart> that it uses to work.  Currently I'm using the console
    bart> keymaps from the tvr directory in svn.
    bart> I have almost everything working but can't get things
    bart> like shift meta enter to work.  Also I am wondering how
    bart> I am supposed to use key combinations like meta left
    bart> and right which are by default bound to switch vts.
    bart> My question is should the example keymaps be sufficient
    bart> or is there something else I have to look at and what
    bart> are other people doing when it comes to meta left etc
    bart> have you remapped the chvt functionality to another key
    bart> sequence?
    bart> Any advice is greatly appreciated.
    bart> Regards
    bart> Bart
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Best Regards,

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