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Emacspeak key bindings question

p.s meta arrows dont switch vts in my world -- this type of thing
is sufficiently user environment specific that it's hard to bind
in general. esc shift enter does work for me.

>>>>> "bart" == bart  <bart@bunting.net.au> writes:
    bart> Hi, I've recently started working with org mode and I
    bart> love it.
    bart> I'm trying to figure out how to get the keybindings
    bart> that it uses to work.  Currently I'm using the console
    bart> keymaps from the tvr directory in svn.
    bart> I have almost everything working but can't get things
    bart> like shift meta enter to work.  Also I am wondering how
    bart> I am supposed to use key combinations like meta left
    bart> and right which are by default bound to switch vts.
    bart> My question is should the example keymaps be sufficient
    bart> or is there something else I have to look at and what
    bart> are other people doing when it comes to meta left etc
    bart> have you remapped the chvt functionality to another key
    bart> sequence?
    bart> Any advice is greatly appreciated.
    bart> Regards
    bart> Bart
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