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Re: [emacspeak The Complete Audio Desktop] Emacspeak Video Demo: Looking Up The W...

raman@comcast.net (raman) writes:

> Hi,
> See if the updated entry
> http://emacspeak.blogspot.com/2007/09/emacspeak-video-demo-looking-up-weather.html
> makes this easier to follow along.

That makes it much easier to understand.  Thanks!

Knowing that you hit enter to stop certain utterances is very helpful.
I also completely missed the fact that it was telling you that you were
in a shell buffer at the end.

> I suspect the video/audio sync problem you reported may be due to my
> using an overly low frame rate?
> Let me know after reading the annotated transcript if you still think
> things are out of sync.

I don't know enough to know what's causing it but things are still a bit
out of sync.  I definitely hear the weather being read before I see the
buffer containing the weather.  "Contacting host weather.com" is in the
minibuffer around the time I begin to hear the weather report.
Similarly I hear the information about the shell buffer while the
weather buffer is still visible.

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