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Re: bbdb, and completion window:

Ok, here we go:

Assume there is a contact:
John Smith
net: jsmith@example.com, smith@somewhere.com

Now, enter:


in the "To:" field and hit M-TAB. The completion buffer pops up, but
the inserted address will look like:

jsmith@John Smith <jsmith@somewhere.com>

The problem seems  somehow related to the presence of emacspeak.

When using emacs with speechd-el, the behavior is quite differnt: When
hitting M-TAB, the completion buffer does not automatically get focus
and opens in a separate window. When switching to it manually and
hitting enter on a suggested completion, the correct addresss is

As far as I can tell, I am using the default settings:
M-Tab is bound to bbdb-complete-name
bbdb-complete-name-allow-cycling is nil
bbdb-dwim-net-address-allow-redundancy is nil

Best regards, Lukas

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