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I am left baffled by this post! When I downloaded my mail yesterday (I
use VM) when I came to Raman's letter VM announced the subject. 
C-u C-e b gave the response
XHTML use Mouse 2 to display.

 On pressing RET   and then C-u C-e b
I heard what Raman had written but no sound output    from the VM
buffer and of course I cannot see. One possible problem is that in
spite of many attempts I have not been able to get the commands
defined in
 to work!

I don't suppose there is any point in forwarding Raman's mail to my
sighted wife since she uses XP! How does the video appear? Does one
have to do anything in particular or it appears as soon as VM opens
the letter?

Thanks for any clarifications.
PS: Sorry --- I sent this a little while ago to Raman but forgot to
send it "To All" . My bafflement/confusion must have been TOTAL!

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