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what are people using for a spreadsheet?

Dismal is what I've used in the past.

For the specific task you have, you might be able to use org-mode
productively -- it might actually be a better tool than a
since what you want in this case is to keep notes, with
appropriate embedded tables.

Spend some time reading the online org manual, see how others are
using org by reading the emacs-wiki and lurking on the org list
--- it'll be worth the time.

>>>>> "Robert" == Robert D Crawford <rdc1x@comcast.net> writes:
    Robert> I am needing a spreadsheet for keeping track of my
    Robert> blood glucose levels, carb intake, insulin intake and
    Robert> the like.  I am wondering what other people on the
    Robert> list are using for this type of functionality.  I
    Robert> have looked at dismal and it seems to be a little
    Robert> crusty.  A few of the functions don't really seem to
    Robert> be doing what I think they are supposed to and
    Robert> killing and yanking ranges of cells that span
    Robert> multiple rows AND columns doesn't seem to work.
    Robert> I have not tried other modes.  I am aware of simple
    Robert> emacs spreadsheet but have not tried it.  I also see
    Robert> from the emacs wiki that org mode can be used as a
    Robert> spreadsheet but learning org mode for the sole
    Robert> purpose of doing what I need seems like overkill.  If
    Robert> this is necessary, however, I will tackle it.
    Robert> Thanks for any advice, rdc -- Robert D. Crawford
    Robert> rdc1x@comcast.net
    Robert> Q: How many marketing people does it take to change a
    Robert> light bulb?  A: I'll have to get back to you on that.
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