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what are people using for a spreadsheet?

I am needing a spreadsheet for keeping track of my blood glucose levels,
carb intake, insulin intake and the like.  I am wondering what other
people on the list are using for this type of functionality.  I have
looked at dismal and it seems to be a little crusty.  A few of the
functions don't really seem to be doing what I think they are supposed
to and killing and yanking ranges of cells that span multiple rows AND
columns doesn't seem to work.

I have not tried other modes.  I am aware of simple emacs spreadsheet
but have not tried it.  I also see from the emacs wiki that org mode can
be used as a spreadsheet but learning org mode for the sole purpose of
doing what I need seems like overkill.  If this is necessary, however, I
will tackle it.

Thanks for any advice,
Robert D. Crawford                                      rdc1x@comcast.net

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