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Re: Apple Tiger 10.4 question

Jude DaShiell writes ("Apple Tiger 10.4 question"):
> Has anyone been successful in building and running a version of emacspeak 
> on a Tiger 10.4 system on a mac?  The question came up on one of the mac 
> users lists I'm on.

I guess one of the things you must determine up front is what
TTS system you can use on the Mac from emacspeak. espeak comes to
mind. The question there is whether portaudio supports the Mac.
Another option would be to develop a new speech server that can talk
via the TTS system that comes with MacOS X. You would then have the
same voices as with VoiceOver. 

The simplest option however is propbably to run emacspeak under Linux
in a virtual machine.

Best regards, Lukas

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