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Re: Customize problem

From: "T. V. Raman" <raman@users.sf.net>
Subject: Customize problem
Date: Sun, 5 Aug 2007 07:19:14 -0700

> I've seen this as well in other contexts and have no idea what is
> triggering it -- other than that at some point something is
> pulling in tpu-edt -- an emulation package.
> Incidentally the missing state button is something I dont see,
> that is probably not emacspeak specific.
Just to avoid confusion, the state button is not missing, it is there. The
problem is that when you make a change to a customize option and then activate
the state button, there is no option to save the changes for future sessions.
All other options appear to be there. 

Both Lukas and I have confirmed that this behavior only occurs with emacspeak
loaded. If emacspeak is not loaded, the expected option to save changes for
future sessions is there. However, Robert doesn't seem to see this issue and as
you don't, I'm beginning to wonder if, since Lukas and I are both running on
Debian, if there may be an add-on Debian elisp package which is causing the issue.

Note also that you can still save changes using the global save for future
sessions that appears at the top of custom buffers. 

I also found your post regarding the age difference between w3m as distributed
as a deb package compared to the CVS sources - two years is an extroardinary
long way behind. These deb packages of elisp are damn handy, but I'm finding a
growing number are just too old and I'm moving an increasing number over to
using the CVS sources instead (its not like building elisp from source is
particularly difficult - I'm just lazy by nature).

I will investigate the customize issue further on the weekend. I suspect it may
be related to how emacspeak's use of reflection is pulling in other packages
that shouldn't be there. I'll do some more comparisons without emacspeak

BTW your copy of the post to the emacs maintainers about the issue with
unwanted packages being pulled in was both very useful and interesting. I'd
been pulling out my hair trying to understand why the tpu-edt stuff was being

I also installed w3 from CVS over the weekend. All hte issues I had with weird
faces etc seem to have gone away. some minor niggles remain, but it now seems
at least usable. 

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