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Customize problem

I've seen this as well in other contexts and have no idea what is
triggering it -- other than that at some point something is
pulling in tpu-edt -- an emulation package.

Incidentally the missing state button is something I dont see,
that is probably not emacspeak specific.

>>>>> "Tim" == Tim Cross <tcross@rapttech.com.au> writes:
    Tim> I've been looking into the problem with customize not
    Tim> providing an option to save changes when you activate
    Tim> the "state" button. As part of this, I've encountered
    Tim> another problem which also appears to be emacspeak
    Tim> specific.
    Tim> I tried running the command 'describe-text-properties'
    Tim> with point on the state button and got the following
    Tim> backtrace -
    Tim> Debugger entered--Lisp error: (args-out-of-range 32 57)
    Tim> count-lines(57 32) tpu-current-line()
    Tim> ad-Orig-newline(nil) newline()
    Tim> describe-text-properties-1(454 #<buffer *Help*>)
    Tim> describe-text-properties(454)
    Tim> call-interactively(describe-text-properties)
    Tim> execute-extended-command(nil)
    Tim> call-interactively(execute-extended-command)
    Tim> I believe the problem here is that the first argument to
    Tim> count-lines is supposed to mark the start of the window,
    Tim> but it is greater than the second mark, representing the
    Tim> currunt location of point. Of course, this can't be
    Tim> correct - point can't be before the start of the window.
    Tim> What I think is happening is that window-start is
    Tim> returning the position in the buffer at which the
    Tim> display starts, but point is returning the position
    Tim> relative to the start of the display/window.
    Tim> To try and confirm this, I tried the same command with
    Tim> the display and beginning of the buffer being the same -
    Tim> that is, the first character in the buffer is the first
    Tim> character displayed. When I do this, the backtrace is
    Tim> not generated. However, if I just scroll the display
    Tim> down by one line, so that the beginning of the display
    Tim> starts with the second line of the buffer, then the
    Tim> backtrace is thrown when you put the cursor on the state
    Tim> button and call describe-text-properties.
    Tim> I tried this without emacspeak running and there was no
    Tim> error thrown. However, I can reproduce this problem
    Tim> everytime with emacspeak loaded. The odd thing is that
    Tim> it doesn't look like any of the functions involved have
    Tim> been advised except for a call to newline right at the
    Tim> start, so I can't understand why emacspeak would have
    Tim> any impact.
    Tim> could anyone else who is running from the SVN version of
    Tim> emacspeak and running emacs 22 see if they can get the
    Tim> same results, especially if they have also observed the
    Tim> lack of a save option when trying to save changes to a
    Tim> custom item?
    Tim> Note that I've also found that the global 'save for
    Tim> future sessions' button at the top of customize buffers
    Tim> still works, so you can change/save your options using
    Tim> that button. Its only when you try to save your changes
    Tim> to an individual custom item by clicking on the state
    Tim> button that you don't get the option to save and so
    Tim> cannot save changes to an individual item.
    Tim> This is what I did to generate the backtrace.
    Tim> 1. Run customize-face and select a face to operate on. I
    Tim> chose minibuffer-prompt.  2. Make sure the window has
    Tim> scrolled down by at least one line so that the first
    Tim> line shown in the window is not the first line of the
    Tim> customize buffer.  3. Put the cursor somewhere on the
    Tim> state button 4. Do a M-x describe-text-properties
    Tim> and see if you get the backtrace thrown. You need to
    Tim> have debug-on-error set (use toggle-debug-on-error).
    Tim> If you do get the backtrace, try again, but this time,
    Tim> make sure the first line in the window is also the first
    Tim> line of the customize buffer. When you do this, you
    Tim> shouldn't bet a backtrace, but instead a window showing
    Tim> the text properties associated witht he state button
    Tim> widget.
    Tim> Note that I tried this under both X and the linux
    Tim> console with both emacspeak loaded and with it
    Tim> unloaded. I was only able to reproduce the error with
    Tim> emacspeak loaded. I'm running emacspeak version 26.0
    Tim> revision 5064M, but also noticed it with the version I
    Tim> had yesterday. I'm running emacs from CVS, but
    Tim> got the same behavior with the Debian emacs 22 package.
    Tim> Tim
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