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Re: .deb version of the latest emacspeak?

the Debian packaged versions of emacspeak tend to be at least a couple of
versions behind the latest release (Currently 26.0). I think your far better
off just grabbing the tarball and installing it by hand - its very simple.
Basically, all you need to do is 

1. untar somehwere in your home directory.
2. change into the root of the install tree and type make config SRC=`pwd`.
3. If that works and no errors are reported, run make emacspeak
4. Depending on the speech synthesiser you plan to use, you may need to cd into
the appropriate directory un the 'servers' directory and do a make to build the
necessary libraries. If your running debian, you may need to modify the -ltcl
library value in the Makefile or create an appropriate symbolic link (Debian
calls the extended tcl library tclx with the version appended i.e. tclx8.3, so
either change the line in the Makefile to -ltclx8.3 or create a symbolic link
in the /usr/lib directory called libtcl.so that points at libtclx8.3.so.1
5. run the tests described in the Makefile to make sure the tcl synthesiser
libraries and interface are working correctly. this is very important and can
save a lot of hair pulling tyring to work out why things don't appear to be
6. Next, either run make install (check the prefix argument outlined in the
Makefile to control where the source is installed). You can then use the
emacspeak shell script to start emacs and load emacspeak. Alternatively, you
can run emacspeak from the directory wehre you built it by adding a path to the
emacs load-path variable and call the emacspeak startup file from your .emacs. 


From: "Mike Reiser" <metalhead1009000@gmail.com>
Subject: .deb version of the latest emacspeak?
Date: Sat, 4 Aug 2007 07:59:03 -0500

> Hello,
> Does anyone know where I can find a .deb binary version of the latest emacspeak?  apt-get in ubuntu just displays version24.0 and not the latest one.  I figured it would be easier then installing from source.  Thanks,
> Mike

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