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Re: Broken customize

Ok, I checked again,. I do not get the error you are getting when
cycling through the controls. However, I can confirm that The "Save
for future sessions" option is gone. I Thought you ment the the whole
control was gone, I should have read your message more carefully.

Best regards, Lukas

Tim Cross writes ("Re: Broken customize"):
> Lukas Loehrer writes:
>  > Tim Cross writes ("Broken customize"):
>  > > FYI it appears that customize is broken under recent emacspeak svn versions. 
>  > 
>  > Customize seems to work ok for me with the emacs 22 package from Debian
>  > unstable and today's emacspeak from svn. 
>  > 
>  > Best regards, Lukas
> Thats very odd. I tested with emacs22 debian package and a fresh svn update
> (26.0 Revision 5037M). Trying to save any customize changes wouldn't work -
> well to be clear, there was no option to save. Here are the complete set of
> options I get -
> Click <mouse-2> on a completion to select it.
> In this buffer, type RET to select the completion near point.
> Possible completions are:
> Add Comment                        For All Kinds of Displays
> Set for Current Session            Show Lisp Expression
> Undo Edits
> However, if I run emacs22 without emacspeak being loaded, I get an option to
> save for future sessions, which is as expected. I was able to repeat this
> behavior with a version of emacs I built from CVS sources yesterday as well.
> Last week, there was no problems with customize and I've not changed anything
> in my .emacs. Puzzeling.
> Can you indicate what revision you are running?
> thanks,
> Tim

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